Maria Lawson

Maria belongs to an elite category of female artists - not what you'd expect to hear from your typical X-Factor contestant. British Actress and singer songwriter Maria Lawson is a wonderfully talented artist andstands out as a special talent.

Maria wrote a song for the soundtrack to the UK Paralympics and has also written songs for various artists and a Grammy Award winning group.As an actress Maria has played roles on TV, Commercials, Film and theatre and she continues to shine with artistic excellence.

Maria starred on the X Factor in the U.K she got married during her time on the X Factor show and had to sacrifice her honeymoon to fly to LA to stay at the Sharon Osbourne mansion for boot camp. Maria's talent is what endeared fans to her on the hit X Factor talent show with over 10 million people tuning in to watch her journey on television each week. A favourite on the show, Maria impressed the judges so much that Simon Cowell went on to say in week one: 'It is rare in this country that you find someone as talented as you." In week two he said, 'Maria, I love you. I think you're one hell of a talented girl' and in week four he said: 'I gotta tell you, I absolutely loved it. I actually think you would have a hit record'

Maria famously left the show in controversy when Louis Walsh opted to keep (the Conway Sisters) in over her. This caused a national outcry but Maria was undeterred. She had no less than four major labels offering her record deals.

Maria eventually went on to sign to Sony BMG which took her to LA to record her debut album with a song penned for her by the amazing Diane Warren. Maria also wrote with some great songwriters including Steve Kipner, Lester Mendez, The Heavy Weights, Brian Rawlings and more. This lead to the release of her first self-titled album 'Maria Lawson' and her first official Single 'Sleepwalking' which was a top 20 hit.

After being recognised on the show Maria signed a deal with lingerie giant Bravissimoand also starred in the West End hit Musical Thriller Live. She has performed on various U.K, European and U.S Tours.